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I think this happens to many of us. Us being teachers. But also humans. We get so busy with our daily lives that we end up in a place we no longer recognize. We aren’t sure about the path that led us here. And we aren’t sure how to dig ourselves out and make it back to the path we had once visualized.
— Abby Weiland



Most days you can find Abby checking her Google calendar to see where she’s supposed to be next as she serves teachers in her role as an instructional coach, all the while pursuing her doctoral degree. She’s all about big dreams, and has lived her life taking risk after risk to make them happen.  

She speaks to educators across the country, living out her mission to inspire teachers to speak up, rise up, and advocate for themselves. Abby’s research focuses on teacher well-being and how teachers navigate the demands of their educational contexts.

In her free time, you'll catch her hanging out with her niece and nephew, diving into the next book on the stack on her bedside table, sweating it out in a spin class, or planning her next trip to travel this vast, beautiful world we live in.