5 Changes I Made to Eliminate Toxins from My Skincare + Beauty

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Life is all about choices. It is an understatement to say that some people’s access to choices is near non-existent. Simply due to where they were born, or how much money their family has. But there is also this swath of humanity, especially here in the states that has SO many choices. And it seems as though we aren't aware of it, or choose not to acknowledge it. Because some of those choices will result in challenges. In having to give things up. Leaving aspects of our lives behind.

These choices extend beyond where we choose to vacation, the size of house we purchase, or how we give of our time or serve those around us. These choices also include the seemingly simple, the everyday. 

For me, the journey into the world of non-toxic products began early this past fall. I've always been fairly cognizant of how I take care of my body - I work out, I drink cups on cups of water, I put mostly nutritious food in my body. But my skincare? Chemicals. Makeup? Chemicals. Shampoo? Chemicals. You get the picture. You see, I, like many others in this country have lived my life blissfully unaware of the ingredients I was slathering on each and every day. Until I wasn't. 

Once I began to research the ingredients in many of my everyday products, the laws (or lack thereof) concerning beauty products, and the possible effects of said ingredients, I couldn't get enough. Below are the five areas and products I made the switch with so far. It has been a process, that's for sure, and I know the products that work for me may not work for you. But perhaps my journey will get you thinking about your own, will spur you to make your own informed choices. 


You guys, skincare was my foray into the nontoxic world. It was not an easy process to find skincare that works for my sometimes oily, sometimes flaky, sometimes blotchy, inconsistent skin. What I've settled on? The four-piece Beauty Counter Countermatch line - cleanser, serum, day moisturizer and nighttime moisturizer. It's not cheap, but so far - worth it. 


My first attempt at nontoxic deodorant was what one might call an epic fail, you guys. I am not here to share all the products that didn't work; however, I will say my scent on my first try was a mix of dirty human and incense. I made the mistake of wearing it to class. So there I was...stuck there for 6 hours. Yikes. I love Schmidt's, though. Cheap. Effective. Available at Target. 



Listen, I love some giant bottles of shampoo for $5. The shampoo I used prior to this quest was just that. Plus - it had NO PARABENS, NO SULFATES and all that jazz written all over the front, so I thought I was in the clear. Not so. When I actually looked at the rest of the ingredients, I was massively disappointed. Toxins all over the place. This Acure shampoo and conditioner actually gets my hair clean AND it smells great. Bonus - it's also available at Target. Easy peasy. 


I'll be honest with this one. I have checked the ingredients against Beauty Counter's Never List, but could not find a rating in the app or a listing on the EWG website (more on this below). If you know anything more about this particular product, let me know! As far as use, it doesn't suds as well as my old body wash, but that is a sacrifice I'm willing to make.  


Makeup was hands down the most difficult switch I made. I don't wear an excessive amount of makeup, but I DO wear foundation on a semi-daily basis, and finding a nontoxic brand that worked for my face was truly unfortunate. I'm not sure if there's some sort of magic chemical ingredient in my old foundation, but all the nontoxic versions I tried dried my face out like nobody's business. Picture scales and flakes and tightness and itching. So what did I land on? Bare Minerals - tinted moisturizer. I apply it with my blending sponge. It's light, with the ability to layer for fuller coverage. 

Abby Weiland